True Blackjack

Ever wonder why some blackjack players just seem to do great while you struggle? Maybe they have been playing for years, but you can easily learn to reduce the house edge at blackjack to the best game in the casino! True Blackjack is an easy to understand, practical guide to all things blackjack, from card values and beginner rules to soft and hard hand explanations, examples, and advice for playing split hands and double downs. Whether you are brand new to the game or have plenty of action under your belt you’ll find everything you need to beat the game in this one book. Author Ron Johnson offers his own story of how he went from novice player to card counter and professional blackjack team player and shares the ups and downs of hitting the casinos on a regular basis. Along the way you’ll learn Basic Strategy, actual card count systems, and get introduced to the inside of the casino and what the bosses look for in the way of cheating and advantage players. You’ll also learn