Blackjack Strategy: How to Win at Blackjack with Improved Blackjack Odds (Blackjack Tips and Strategies for Better Odds)

If you’re ready to add some “strategy” to your “luck” at the blackjack table, then this book is for you!

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If there’s anything more fun than playing Blackjack, it’s winning at Blackjack. In this book you’ll learn multiple effective Blackjack strategies that you can take to the casino, and hopefully take to the bank. This is not a book about card counting. It instead focuses on identifying all potential scenarios on a hand-by-hand basis. And while learning to simply play the odds won’t totally eclipse the house’s advantage, it will bring you within less than a percentage point of being on par with the house. You’ll win a lot more often and on some days you may even win big! Oh and if you’re already at the casino, in your hotel room just itching to go downstairs and start, not to worry. I’ve kept thi