Blackjack Bluebook II – the simplest winning strategies ever published (2006 edition)

A down-to-earth, comprehensive handbook on how to play and legitimately win at casino blackjack. It contains an extensive chapter on correct basic strategy, including a color-coded strategy chart–plus clear explanations of the proper plays for several hands that are consistently misplayed. Convincing visual scenarios are given to disprove prevalent blackjack myths which most typical players believe in–and steadfastly play by. It presents 3 different card counting systems ranging from entry-level to professional, and showcases the KISS Count–an easy-to-use, upgradable system for gaining a full-scale advantage in today’s modern games. Also offers valuable, “outside-the-box” maneuvers for improving the performance of the common player, many of which have scarcely, or never appeared in print, such as: Profiting from Other Players’ Hands, The Magnificent 7 Hands, Hi Card/Lo Card Layouts, The Ace/10 Front Count, True Fudging with Unbalanced Counts, and The “Nifty 15” Camouflage Hands. Th