Beat Blackjack Now!: The Easiest Way to Get the Edge!

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You can beat the game of blackjack! Go from a traditional blackjack player to an advantage player with a real edge over the house in several easy-to-master steps in this breakthrough book. You’ll learn:

How the game of blackjack is really played Traditional basic strategy for one, two, four, six and eight-deck gamesSmart betting advice for all player levelsLittle known playing secrets that will actually reduce the house edge Which blackjack games to avoidWhich blackjack games to playHow to get a verifiable, mathematical edge – in less than an hour! – with the new, extremely easy-to-master Speed Count  How to add to your Speed Count edges with the new Optimum Basic StrategyUnique betting tactics to increase your monetary returnWhy Speed Count is nothing like traditional card counting methodsHow to play tournament blackjack to win Beat Blackjack Now! by best-selling gaming author Frank Scoblete is the only blackjack book you’ll need to really beat the casinos. If you want to tur